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    The Sumpter family are some of our newest members as of January 2017!
    L to R: Gary Sumpter, Corbin Sumpter, Astrid Sumpter (aka. Fritz Sheffler’s sister) and Brock Sumpter.

    Gary and Brock look a wee bit tired as we just finished this evening’s practice.


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    Oktoberfest season begins in Redwood City!


  • 4 members of Golden Gate competed at this year’s Bavarian Lion


  • Quarterly General Membership Mtg.

    Our next quarterly General Membership Meeting is set for 6:30pm on November 11 to be held at the Elks Lodge in Alameda.


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    Members of Golden Gate are bringing home gold medals from this weekend’s Gaufest! Congrats!!


  • Junge Leid - Altes Handwerk: Die Großfamilie Brückner und ihr Handwerkermarkt | BR Mediathek VIDEO


  • Unsere Tracht und die Macht | BR.de

    See Golden Gate members at minute 1:07!!



    During our Annual Meeting on January 7, 2015, elections were held for the club’s Officer positions.  The results: 
    (Executive Board) President- Johann Force, Vice President- Jennifer Moak, Secretary- AnnMarie Mittelbuscher, Treasurer- Hans Weiland, Vorplattler- Fritz Sheffler, Vortaenzerin- Alexx Smith, Pubic Relations Mgr- Jennifer Moak. 
    (Officers) 2. Vorplattler- Chris Mobley, 2. Vortaenzerin- Jennifer Moak, Music Director- Ulli Diaz.  Additional Officers may be appointed by the Executive Board.

    Congratulations to all of our new officers and THANK YOU for dedicating more of your personal time to make our club as strong, productive, and fun as possible!


  • THREE KINGS DAY- January 6

    January 6 is Three King’s Day (Epiphany). This day, the 12th day of Christmas, commemorates the visit of the Magi to the Christ child.  In Bavaria, the period of time between November 25 and January 6 is devoted towards Christ and is therefore a time when dancing is “prohibited”.  Today is, therefore, a day of celebration as the dance season has re-opened!   Click here for further info


  • Gauverband Nordamerika Trachtenzug Oktoberfest Munich 2014


  • BHTV Golden Gate Open House- Wed, Oct 29, 6-9pm

    To wrap up our Fest Season, we want to have an opportunity to meet and celebrate with many of the people we have met during our Fests.

    Tracht is encouraged at this event, but more important is you coming and sharing in our hospitality and celebration. This event will combine our normal practice period and part of our Stammtisch.

    Event will be fully hosted by Golden Gate Bavarian Club and will include music, dancing, food, libations, and Gemütlichkeit.

    Please be sure to RSVP so we can have an accurate count.

    Location: Alameda Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda


  • Oaktoberfest in the Dimond


  • VIDEO: Golden Gate Bavarian Club performs at #Oktoberfest in #Oakland’s …


  • Wiesnzug: Internationales Trachtentreffen - Bayerischer Trachtenverband

    This link brings you to an article posted on the Bavarian Tracht Federation website about American Trachtlers participating in this year’s Oktoberfest parade.  In German, but many photos as well.


  • Gauverband Nordamerika Trachtenzug Oktoberfest Munich 2014


  • DAS LEBEN AUF'M LAND- Canning and Preserving

    it’s quite popular here!  With fresh fruit in abundance, making jams and marmalade is somewhat of a given. I, however, had never attempted this back in CA.  I had a lot of learning to do!  Thank goodness for Amazon.  I was able to order my first book, which provided me with excellent instruction and explanations of the various methods of preserving foods (both Water Bath and Pressure Canning, Freezing, Drying/Curing).  My biggest hurdle was coming to terms with, “…but we have done it this way in Bavaria for generations!” and, “…but the USDA says…!”  I have come to a happy medium and make all the jams and marmalade according to the old Bavarian way, using new tools.  The other foods that I have created I am using the USDA methods.  So far, I have put up Cherry Jam, Cherry Chutney, Pear and Thyme Conserve, Orange-Rhubarb Marmalade, Johannisbeere Jelly, Dilled Green Beans, Dill Pickles, Zesty Peach Grill Sauce, Spiced Peaches, BBQ Sauce, Chicken Broth, and Marinated Red Peppers.  I think I’m now officially addicted!  What I’ve learned reaches beyond the technical knowledge.  I’ve learned how to watch the weather and the seasonal changes, how to live through the disappointment of a meager harvest, and the frustration of not harvesting everything while I could (and just cook for a week) to then suffer several days of bad weather which destroyed everything remaining on the tree.  Thankfully, another Spring will come.  Next year I’ll be ready! - jenna

    (Jennifer has been living in Bavaria this past summer and has been collecting her experiences to share with others)


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    Das Leben auf’m Land- SONNWENDFEUER

    (June 21) On the longest day of the year, a bonfire is lit to mark the summer solstice.  Our local boys club was in charge of collecting the wood and building the pile of brush to burn.  No fire department standing by, just the entire village enjoying the summer evening. Kids were running about the fields while the adults enjoyed a time to visit with all the neighbors.


  • Das Leben auf'm Land- BRAUTAUFWECKEN


  • BHTV Golden Gate Open House- August 27, 6-8pm

    On August 27th we open our doors to all persons interested in learning more about our club! Wanna try out Bavarian folk dancing? Have questions about our clothing? Wonder about all the places where we travel? Then come by for a no-cost/ no-pressure evening of food and fun!

    Hosted by Golden Gate Bavarian Club

    Location: Alameda Elks Lodge, 2255 Santa Clara Ave. Alameda