About Us

Really, we are just a bunch of friends.


BHTV "Golden Gate" wears Tracht from the Miesbach region of Bavaria.  Our clothing is made in Germany by skilled tailors who specialize in this area.  While the clothing items themselves are correct and authentic for the region, we have selected the colors blue and gold to represent our ties to California.

Mens Tracht

Lederhosen ("leather trousers" in German) are knee-breeches made of leather.  They are made, in order of quality, from elk, goat, calf or pig hide.  Usually, they are handsomely and elaborately braided or embroidered with monograms, designs, or edelweiss, hunting and peasant motifs.  Traditionally, Lederhosen were worn by Germanic men of the Alpine and surrounding regions, including Austria, the highlands and mountains of Southern Germany, the German-speaking part of Italy known as South Tyrol, and Switzerland.  Lederhosen have remained popular and are commonly associated with virility and brawn.

Womens Tracht

Dirndls are our "casual" wear for rehearsals, picnics or more regular performances.  For more festive occasions, we wear what is called Halbtracht.  The difference being a more formal blue skirt, Mieder or bodice with chains and hooks, a white linen apron and a hat.  The most festive occasions, we wear Festtracht, such as church and weddings.  This is denoted by the addition of long blue sleeves and a white linen shawl.

Ladies coins and jewelry are completely up to the individual as there are no rules, except that necklace and earrings are required.  The coins show the possible dowry for an eligible girl, so for a very wealthy family, there would be quite a bit of currency indeed!