Description of Golden Gate Tracht

The purpose of this document is to provide standard terms as well as clarity when discussing the Tracht (clothing) that our Verein has adopted. The goal is to have an overall uniformity; however members need not be identical to one another. Should you have any questions about what is appropriate, please direct them to the Trachtenwart.


General Items (applies to all levels of clothing)


  • No sunglasses
  • Hair is cut so that it is above the collar
  • Shoes - Miesbacher is the primary shoe.  Gauplattler shoes or Schnurstiefel (boots) are acceptable as additional shoes.
  • Hat - Miesbacher (velour is preferred) with Verein's feather and holder
  • Vereinssteg - a design of the Quersteg unique to our Verein.
  • Jewelry (worn at the wearer's discretion)
    • Charivari - Any traditional items are acceptable
    • Watch - No wristwatches. If worn, Pocketwatch ONLY
  • Other Accessories (carried at the wearer's discretion)
    • Trachtenmesser (knife)
    • Herrenstrickweste (men's knit button-down sweater vest)
    • Strumpfriemen (leather straps to hold up socks)
    • Trachtenschirm (umbrella)
    • Holzloffel (wooden spoons)