A Trachten Verein roughly translates to cultural club in English. These are clubs devoted to the preservation of Bavarian culture from the 19th century, which come from the regions  both in Munich and in the surrounding countryside. Dance, music, food, language, and more are all important (and fun!).

Much of our tracht (costumes) come from bespoke tailors in Munich, although there are also resources here in the United States. Our Verein also has a large repository of clothes for newer members, and a procedure for rewarding members for participation. 

Many of our members are native German speakers, and others know enough to get by. We encourage conversing in Deutsch (or even Bayerisch) whenever possible, as much of the nomenclature for the culture relies upon it.

You do not have to be a dancer to participate in the Verein. We encourage anyone who is interested in Bavarian culture to engage how they see best. Alpine traditions extend beyond dance to music, food, games, finger -wrestling, bier brewing and more.

Kinder (children) are one of the primary reasons we exist: to preserve the wonderful traditions of our ancestors for new generations. Bring your kids and we will endeavor to get them involved and dressed in lederhosen or a dirndl as soon as possible.

Come and meet us at a performance, practice or Stammtisch. Most likely we will buy you a bier or wine, and encourage you to hang around. We have a strict membership process requiring prospective to participate for six months before they can apply for full voting membership.