Reasons to choose us

About B.H.T.V. Golden Gate

The Bayerischer Heimat und Trachtenverein “Golden Gate” was founded in August 2005 to focus on preserving and promoting Bavarian culture in the San Francisco Bay Area. The club was to focus on broad aspects of the culture, including dancing Austrian folk dances and the Schuhplattler, and singing traditional folk songs.

B.H.T.V. “Golden Gate” wears Tracht from the Miesbach region of Bavaria. Our clothing is made in Germany by skilled tailors who specialize in this area. While the clothing items themselves are correct and authentic for this region, we have selected the colors blue and gold to represent our ties to California.

Since our inception, we have performed for audiences around the Bay Area including corporate events, private parties, and local German restaurants including Schroeder’s (in San Francisco) and Speisekammer (in Alameda). We continue to preserve and promote Bavarian culture in the San Francisco Bay Area through handcrafts, cooking, singing, dancing, supporting our favorite München fußball teams, wearing our tracht, and enjoying each other’s company in Gemütlichkeit.